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Happy Puffing,

                        Steve and Ruth LaVoice

Owl Pipes

         I was born and raised in New England and reside here to this day. As a child I was always fascinated by pipe smoking. I remember visiting my grandfather at a very young age. I don't have any memories of him without his pipe or that sweet aroma of smooth smoke. Without me noticing, these memories played a huge role in my life. I associated becoming an adult with smoking a pipe, almost as a right of passage.  


         I was always the kind of person that enjoyed creating things rather than simply purchasing something. So naturally when I decided to try smoking a pipe I made my own. It was harder than I had anticipated to make a pipe that I approved of. In the end I felt a personal connection with that pipe, which I still have to this day. It was as if that pipe became part of me.  Other people began to ask me to make them pipes like mine and I wanted that feeling to flow through each pipe I made for someone. 


         Every pipe we make is a completely unique piece made with the idea that each pipe already has an owner, it is just a matter of matching that pipe to the person it belongs to. We treat every pipe as if it is going to be passed from generation to generation. My beautiful wife Ruth makes sure each and every pipe is presented in its own wooden display box with small extras. By doing this we are giving every person who receives  one of these pipes a lasting memory of the first time they opened that box. We like to think we don't just make pipes, but rather permanent memories. We truly believe that each pipe we send out of our little shop is a chance to make a lasting relationship with every person that receives one of these boxes and we strive for a great experience with them every time.


         I will continue to create these beautiful works of art for as long as I am able. This pipe making venture of mine has been an absolute blessing and I am truly humbled by the amount of support that we have received from this amazing community of pipe smokers and collectors from around the world.

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